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Double-sided adhesive


Double-sided adhesive with paper, cloth, plastic film as the backing material, then the elastic body pressure sensitive adhesive or rubber pressure-sensitive evenly coated roll made of adhesive tape, on the base material is composed of base material, adhesive, isolation paper (film) of three parts.According to the adhesive, it can be divided into solvent - based adhesive tape (oily double-sided adhesive), emulsion adhesive tape (water-based double-sided adhesive), hot melt adhesive tape, calender adhesive tape and reactive adhesive tape.Generally used for leather, Ming board, stationery, electronic, automobile edge fixation, shoe industry, paper making, handicrafts adhesive positioning and other USES.Hot melt adhesive is mainly used in stickers, stationery, electronic, office and other aspects.Oily double-sided adhesive is mainly used in leather goods, pearl cotton, sponge, shoes and other high viscosity.Embroidered double-sided adhesive is mainly used in computer embroidery. Double side adhesive tape type are many: mesh reinforcement double-sided tape, double-sided tape, Rubber tape, high temperature double-sided tape, non-woven double-sided tape, no residual adhesive tape, cotton paper, double-sided tape, glass cloth tape, PET double-sided tape, double-sided tape, etc., used to play in the production of all walks of life.