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Class of thermal conductivity


Thermal conductivity refers to the ability to transfer heat material. The ability with the coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity of materials. The physical significance of the coefficient of thermal conductivity is: under the condition of steady heat transfer, when the temperature inside the unit thickness of material layer is 1 ℃, within 1 h by the heat of the surface of 1 m2. The greater the material coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity, the better.Between the high power tube and the heat sink of the TV and sound, the IGBT module of the inverter and the radiator, etc., need both insulation and good heat conduction.The actual application is based on the shape and size of the components needed for heat dissipation, and the outer edge is slightly larger to strengthen the insulation, and the holes in the center are used to pass through the pins and fixed screws.